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Three Crime Defense Mistakes

You've been accused of a crime in Texas and have been forced to start learning about the criminal justice system. This isn't a choice, yet you're acquiring knowledge. You may even think you have enough information to defend yourself. That's mistake #1. Other mistakes include calling a bail bondsman first and failing to file an appeal on time.

Mistake #1: Self-Representation – In order for a fair outcome, it's vital that both sides, the prosecution and the defense, are properly represented. A criminal defense lawyer has spent years studying criminal law, building criminal defenses, and honing the skills needed in the courtroom. Unless you have a comparable background and a law degree, don't make this mistake. Even if you do, it could still be a mistake. Your future is at stake, so invest in a good Brownsville criminal lawyer.

Mistake #2: Calling a Bail Bondsman First – This is a common mistake made early in the process. While it's understandable that you want to post bail and get out of jail ASAP, it's smarter to call your criminal lawyer first. Experienced criminal lawyers can often get you out of jail on your own recognizance via a personal recognizance bond or argue to have your bail reduced. In addition, be aware of using attorneys recommended by bail bondsmen. Not only is this practice illegal in Texas, conflicts of interest often result in insufficient representation.

Mistake #3: Failing to Appeal on Time – After being sentenced by a judge or jury in Texas, you have to file your Notice of Appeal within 30 days. This time period extends to no later than 90 days if a motion for a new trial has been filed. If you fail to appeal in time, you're out of luck!

These are just three of many mistakes commonly made in criminal cases. Don't make these mistakes – or others. Instead, retain a Brownsville criminal lawyer and build a solid defense.