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Brownsville Criminal Law FAQs

I'm eligible for probation. Does that mean I'll get it?

While you may be eligible for probation, eligibility is not a sure thing. Prosecutors may decide to pursue a more severe punishment. If you believe you're eligible for probation, a good criminal lawyer can evaluate and build your case.

I'm charged with a misdemeanor. Can't I represent myself?

Even if you have the legal background required to create a strong criminal defense, we advise against it. After all, even the most skilled of surgeons don't operate on themselves. You need an impartial defender to build and defend your case.

There's a warrant out for my arrest. What should I do?

Take a deep breath and call our law office. Once we understand the circumstances surrounding the arrest warrant, we'll be in a better position to guide you. In some cases, you may be able to post bail right away. In others, it's smarter to arrange for the arrest and go from there. No matter what, ignoring the inevitable is unwise. Contact us immediately to start your defense.

I was arrested for DWI and the police confiscated my driver's license. How do I get it back?

You have 15 days to request an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) hearing. You must formally request this ALR hearing. If you miss the 15 day deadline or fail to request the hearing, you waive your right to get your driver's license back while your case is pending.