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Bail Basics

Being charged with a crime doesn't necessarily mean that you must await your trial in jail. Depending on the nature and severity of the crime, you may have the option to post bail and get out of jail.

How Bail Works in Brownsville, Texas

After arresting you, the police file a probable cause affidavit with the court outlining the allegations. A judge then reviews the allegations and your criminal record before determining if bail should be offered and if so, how much. Your criminal record and the seriousness of the allegations are taken into consideration when setting the bail amount. For example, if you have no prior arrest record and the alleged crime is not serious, you can expect a lower bail amount than if you had multiple arrests and the alleged crime is serious.

Bail Bonds

Few defendants have the financial resources to post bail using their own cash and instead turn to bonds. Bonds take several forms including personal recognizance bonds, bail bonds, and lawyer assisted bonds.

  • Personal Recognizance Bonds – Also called personal bonds and PR bonds, this type of bond is offered only after you've been determined to qualify which can be quite time consuming. However, if you do qualify for a PR bond, you can be released on your own recognizance for about $20.
  • Bail Bonds – Also called surety bonds, this type of bond is issued by a bail bonds company. These companies charge 15 to 20 percent of the total bail as their fee and guarantee that the jail will be paid.
  • Lawyer Assisted Bonds – Criminal lawyers can also assist with bail in several ways. For example, a Brownsville criminal lawyer may be able to expedite your release on a PR bond or request a percentage cash deposit bond. We may be able to reduce the bail amount dramatically.